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Free Journal Quantum Physics (Jurnal Fisika Kuantum Gratis) 30 Mei 2008

Posted by movic in Education.

Latar belakang kenapa Movic menyediakan jurnal-jurnal berikut karena Movic sendiri adalah seorang mahasiswa fisika dan do’a downloder-downloader semuanya harapkan semoga dalam ujian skripsi yang bentar lagi dilakukan akan sukses, Amiiinn….!!!

Berikut daftar-daftar file jurnal (English version) yang Movic dapatkan, semoga bermanfaat. kritik dan saran Movic tunggu selalu???

1. Information Tradeoff Relations for Finite-Strength Quantum Measurements
Authors: Christopher A. Fuchs, Kurt Jacobs

2. Poincaré covariance of relativistic quantum position
Authors: Sz. Farkas, Z. Kurucz, M. Weiner

3. Reply to “Comment on: A Quantum Approach to Static Games of Complete Information”
Authors: Luca Marinatto, Tullio Weber

4. Maximum-likelihood reconstruction of CP maps
Authors: Massimiliano F. Sacchi

5. Experiments towards quantum information with trapped Calcium ions
Authors: D. Leibfried, C. Roos, P. Barton, H. Rohde, S. Gulde, A. B. Mundt, G. Reymond, M. Lederbauer, F. Schmidt-Kaler, J. Eschner, R. Blatt

6. Coherent Phenomena in Photonic Crystals
Authors: D. G. Angelakis, E. Paspalakis, P. L. Knight

7. Three-qubit pure-state canonical forms
Authors: A. Acin, A. Andrianov, E. Jane, R. Tarrach

8. Fundamental solution method applied to time evolution of two energy level systems: exact and adiabatic limit results
Authors: Stefan Giller, Cezary Gonera

9. Schmidt number witnesses and bound entanglement
Authors: Anna Sanpera, Dagmar Bruss, Maciej Lewenstein

10. Implementation of a quantum phase gate by the optical Kerr effect
Authors: S. Glancy, J. M. LoSecco, C. E. Tanner

11. Model for the arrival-time distribution in fluorescence time-of-flight experiments
Authors: J. G. Muga, A. D. Baute, J. A. Damborenea, I. L. Egusquiza

12. On The Biphoton Wavelength
Authors: P. H. Souto Ribeiro

13. Anonymous-key quantum cryptography and unconditionally secure quantum bit commitment
Authors: Horace P. Yuen

14. New method for obtaining complex roots in the semiclassical coherent-state propagator formula
Authors: A. L. Xavier Jr (Cptec – Salesian Universitary Center, Campinas, SP, Brazil)

15. Quantum Magic Bullets via Entanglement
Authors: Seth Lloyd, Jeffrey H. Shapiro, N. C. Wong

16. Note on Extended Coherent Operators and Some Basic Properties
Authoras: Kazuyuki Fujii

17. Optimal states and almost optimal adaptive measurements for quantum interferometry
Authors: D. W. Berry, H. M. Wiseman

18. Bound entangled Gaussian states
Authors: R. F. Werner, M. M. Wolf

19. Quantum Clock Synchronisation based on entangled photon pairs transmission
Authors: M.Genovese, C. Novero

20. Quantum Erasure by Transverse Indistinguishability
Authors: P. H. Souto Ribeiro, S. Padua, C. H. Monken

21. Matter-wave entanglement and teleportation by molecular dissociation and collisions
Authors: T. Opatrny, G. Kurizki

22. Quantum computation in a one-dimensional crystal lattice with NMR force microscopy
Authors: T. D. Ladd, J. R. Goldman, A. Dana, F. Yamaguchi, Y. Yamamoto

23. Measurement of quantum devices
Authors: Jaromir Fiurasek, Zdenek Hradil

24. The Representation of Numbers by States in Quantum Mechanics
Authors: Paul Benioff (Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL)

25. Double-Occupancy Errors, Adiabaticity, and Entanglement of Spin-Qubits in Quantum Dots
Authors: John Schliemann, Daniel Loss, A. H. MacDonald

26. Quantum-efficient charge detection using a single-electron transistor
Authors: Alec Maassen van den Brink

27. Electronic Entanglement in the Vicinity of a Superconductor
Authors: Gordey B. Lesovik, Thierry Martin, Gianni Blatter

28. Current Switch by Coherent Trapping of Electrons in Quantum Dots
Authors: T. Brandes (UMIST, Manchester), F. Renzoni (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)

29. Sympatric speciation: compliance with phenotype diversification from a single genotype
Authors: Kunihiko Kaneko, Tetsuya Yomo

30. Cluster Property and Robustness of Ground States of Interacting Many Bosons
Authors: Akira Shimizu, Takayuki Miyadera (Deptartment of Basic Science, Univ. Tokyo)

31. Correcting the quantum clock: conditional sojourn times
Authors: S. Anantha Ramakrishna, N. Kumar

32. Sensitivity of a micromechanical displacement detector based on the radio-frequency single-electron transistor
Authors: Miles P. Blencowe, Martin N. Wybourne (Dartmouth College)

33. Partition asymptotics from one-dimensional quantum entropy and energy currents
Authors: Miles P. Blencowe, Nicholas C. Koshnick (Dartmouth College)

34. Magnetic qubits as hardware for quantum computers
Authors: J. Tejada, E. M. Chudnovsky, E. del Barco, J. M. Hernandez, T. P. Spiller

35. Succinct quantum proofs for properties of finite groups
Authors: John Watrous (University of Calgary)

36. Group-theoretical structure of quantum measurements and equivalence principle
Authors: Abel Camacho Quintana (Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam)

37. The Consistency of Causal Quantum Geometrodynamics and Quantum Field Theory
Authors: N. Pinto-Neto, E. Sergio Santini (CBPF-Rio de Janeiro)

38. Information Erasure and the Generalized Second Law of Black Hole Thermodynamics
Authors: David D. Song, Elizabeth Winstanley

39. Thermoelastic effects at low temperatures and quantum limits in displacement measurements
Authors: M. Cerdonio, L. Conti, A. Heidmann, M. Pinard

40. From Monte Carlo Integration to Quantum Chromo Dynamics (an introduction)
Authors: Massimo Di Pierro (Fermilab)

41. Gravitational Experiment Below 1 Millimeter and Comment on Shielded Casimir Backgrounds for Experiments in the Micron Regime
Authors: Joshua C. Long, Allison B. Churnside, John C. Price

42. A critical look at risk assessments for global catastrophes
Authors: Adrian Kent (DAMTP, University of Cambridge)

43. Problems with the Casimir Vacuum Energy
Authors: Finn Ravndal

44. Effective dissipative dynamics for polarized photons
Authors: F. Benatti, R. Floreanini

45. Quasiboson representations of sl(n+1) and generalized quantum statistics
Authors: T. D. Palev, J. Van der Jeugt

46. Born-Infeld electrodynamics: Clifford number and spinor representations
Authors: Alexander A. Chernitskii

47. Hamiltonian self-adjoint extensions for (2+1)-dimensional Dirac particles
Authors: H. Falomir, P.A.G. Pisani

48. Berezin-Toeplitz quantization and Berezin transform
Authors: Martin Schlichenmaier

49. Complex Langevin Equation and the Many-Fermion Problem
Authors: Chris Adami, Steven E. Koonin (Caltech)

50. Microtorus: a High Finesse Microcavity with Whispering-Gallery Modes
Authors: Vladimir S. Ilchenko (1), Michael L. Gorodetsky (2), X. Steve Yao (1), Lute Maleki (1) ((1)Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; (2)Physics Department, Moscow State University)



1. AZKIYA - 1 Februari 2009


2. huda - 30 April 2009

kalo ada jurnal terbaru kirim ke email ku ya

movic - 9 Mei 2009

jika ada…..

3. rental mobil - 9 Juni 2009

wah makasih info journalnya

4. tika - 20 Januari 2010

gimana kalo ditambahin denan simulasi dan visualisasi dari fisika kuantum???

5. Luthfi - 1 Februari 2010

matur suwun… ikutan download…

6. vita - 18 Februari 2010

Waduuhh.. thnx bgt nih.. it really helps..

7. Iskandaria Glori - 17 Maret 2012

bagus banget mas n

8. tia - 19 Januari 2013

download nya gimana ni?please help

9. tia - 19 Januari 2013

thanks banget skrg dh bsa di download

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